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    Thermoplastic compounds

    Since 1993, we have designed a vast range of compounds, made with premium raw materials or resources regenerated from industrial waste.


    Innovating with low environmental impact

    We believe that it is possible to innovate and still respect our surroundings. Goldenplast has always been committed to corporate environmental responsibility, pursuing it through the recovery and reuse of raw materials. Our materials are entirely recyclable and made from certified resources, with total respect for the environment.

    Our products

    Our areas

    of business

    Thanks to our wide range of products, Goldenplast delivers the best solution whatever your area of business. Check out our complete range of products.

    Customisable products

    Not found a product to meet your needs?

    In addition to the wide selection of compounds already in our range, our R&D division can also work with the client to study the best solution and create tailor-made products that satisfy any requirement. Contact us to develop your product.


    Thirty years of innovation and quality

    Our mission since 1993: innovating while respecting
    quality and environmental standards.