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    Rubber for footwear

    Goldenplast is also specialized in rubber for footwear. HIPREN is the thermoplastic rubber compound that has made Goldenplast famous all over the world. This rubber for footwear has a very wide available range of use. This rubber for footwear can be realised in a large variety of colours and shores.

    Rubber for footwear: compounds

    Superlight (TR compounds) is a rubber for footwear with a low density. There are more than 20 types of this rubber for footwear according to the technical characteristics, physical � mechanical properties, aesthetical look and price.

    GPL (TR compounds) is another rubber for footwear with a low specific weight and very low abrasion levels.

    TPS (TR special compounds) is a rubber for footwear of the highest quality, with a extremely beautiful look , very low abrasion levels and extraordinary physical � mechanical properties.

    GPU (compounds of TPU) is a rubber for footwear modified with gummy elastomers able to reach the technical and aesthetic characteristics of vulcanised rubber. They are particularly suitable for high fashion, sports and technical shoes.

    GPE (light compounds of modified TPU) is the latest rubber for footwear with a low specific weight and an extraordinary resistance to abrasion. Thise rubber for footwear is realised thanks to the elevated experience in technologies related to rubbers with low density which offer constancy in performances and results.

    If you want more informations about rubber for footwear contact us and we help you to find your specific rubber for footwear.