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    Artificial grass
    for sport grounds

    If you want more information about styrene butadiene styrene visit the section styrene butadiene styrene

    These “triblock” copolymers, also known as styrene butadiene styrene (SBS), consist of polystyrene sequences (or blocks) at each end of the chain and a butadiene or isoprene sequence in the centre. Styrene butadiene styrene is used widely in pneumatic tires, shoe heels and soles and gaskets. Styrene butadiene styrene is a commodity material which competes with natural rubber. Styrene butadiene styrene has good physical properties and excellent abrasion resistance. For these reasons styrene butadiene styrene is the base of a wide range of products and Goldenplast uses styrene butadiene styrene since years. If you want more information about products and styrene butadiene styrene contact us or visit the specific section Styrene butadiene styrene.